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The mission of Georgia Health Decisions is to promote and enhance the understanding and involvement of citizens in personal, institutional, and societal decisions about health care through community education and discussion.

Distinct from other grassroots groups that address health issues from advocacy and consumer-oriented perspectives, Georgia Health Decisions attempts to elicit a "civic" or citizenship outlook on health issues.

This outlook incorporates a broad range of value concerns – including individual rights, personal responsibilities, and social interests—and it attempts to reconcile or balance these values when they conflict. Fostering better informed, more thoughtful, and more inclusive dialogue at the community and state levels is the goal of Georgia Health Decisions.

This video is intended to introduce the concepts about Advance Directives and the CRITICAL ConditionsSM Planning Guide to the viewer. This video has been made possible through a generous grant from the WellStar Health System Foundation.

CRITICAL ConditionsSM is a community educational program that helps people understand and plan for their health care at the end of life. This advance care planning program and the CRITICAL ConditionsSM Planning Guide were developed by Georgia Health Decisions following extensive research to understand the opinions, attitudes and values people have about health care at the end of life. Focus groups were conducted across the country and throughout Georgia to guide the creation of the CRITICAL ConditionsSM program. Additionally, the program was piloted in eight communities in Georgia from 1998 – 2000. Since that time, the CRITICAL ConditionsSM program has been expanded through the participation of health systems across Georgia and other states.